John Oldham Park Trigg Beach Engagement – Xin Yi + Ki Ghin

So our John Oldham Park Trigg Beach Engagement began with me showing up at the park a little bit early – namely about a whole week early. I would say that in all my years photographing this was the first time it has ever happened, but I guess it’s better to turn up early than  to turn up late to a shoot. In any case my excuse was that I was just too excited to shoot Xin Yi and Ki Ghin hence why I got my dates confused…

When we did finally meet, it’s always mind blowing to me when I meet people for the first time and I immediately demand so much from them – namely to just go with my experiments and ideas no matter how potentially disastrous and/or life threatening. Whether it be to lean precariously against a tree on a slope right at the edge of the pond, or just walk out on some slippery rocks in your bare feet in your pretty dress!

It’s usually only after the shoot or looking back on the images much later that I realise wow these guys are so awesome to just go with it. I can’t wait to shoot their wedding so I will be triple checking my calendar to make sure I don’t show up a month before the date.

See you guys again soon!



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