Curtin University Perth Engagement – Jasmina + Aleks

I had the opportunity to provide a one on one mentoring session with a new photographer recently and it really gave me a chance to combine my love for photography and my love of sharing knowledge and experience. Part of the live shoot component of the session was finding a couple to come out and hang with us and fortunately Jasmina and Aleks were the perfect couple to goof around with us while I mentored for this Curtin University Perth engagement. I’ve been very lucky to be connect with some really amazing couples that are generous with their time and trust and really just game for anything.

It was such an interesting and enjoyable experience to try to express and explain my thought processes to another person – something that to this point was an entirely internal dialogue with myself. It really helped my own understanding about defining what it is that I do and wanting to share and help other photographers that are either just starting out or are looking to try and learn something different.

Here are some of my favourite clicks from the day.



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